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Will plastic bag charges be embraced in England?

Small businesses are not yet legally obliged to charge for a plastic bag, but given the findings in a recent survey there are at least 7 reasons why they should.

The new law enforcing charges for plastic bags in England came into force on October 5th 2015. Retailers with 250 or more employees are now legally required to charge 5p per bag to customers unless their purchases meet a strict set of criteria.

However this law does not apply to retailers with less than 250 employees. While we are sure that many will follow suit and charge for single use plastic bags, many may postpone doing so perhaps believing that customers will be resistant to charges.

Make It Cheaper conducted a survey which assessed consumer opinions and attitudes towards the plastic bag charge if it was adopted by smaller businesses.  This infographic sums up the response.

Seven Reasons why small businesses should embrace the plastic bag charge

We haven’t yet witnessed any chaos at the checkout so we see no reason why all retailers shouldn’t start charging and help England take responsibility for it’s plastic use.

If you need any help in driving the change through your retail organisation please get in touch.

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