The (not so) supermarkets

With the publication of another set of dismal market share data from Kantar Worldpanel, we naturally fall into the ‘it’s inevitable’ trap. Doing what they have always done will not change the trajectory of the Big 4 and even Drastic Dave seems to be more down beat than drastic in recent months.

Where there is movement, ie growth, is where there is creativity. This doesn’t need to be limited to small agile businesses. Creativity can be part of the culture of any organisation if it is given the space to breathe.

The Big 4 are less inclined to do that though. With so much attention on what the other grocers are doing, they are not apparently investing time and energy into what they themselves are doing or could be doing to grow the business.

The Big 4 are migrating towards each other and as each tries to out do the other on the same initiatives. Differentiation is diminishing and what is left is not exciting to the customer.

grocers market share aug2015

Grocers 12 weeks market share August 2015

What we want to see in the next 3 months as we move into the golden quarter is confidence made apparent through new exciting advertising, risk taking and bolder moves that set each brand apart. Market growth is sure to follow.

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