Team Building in 2015

Yep, you probably think you are doing team building already; reviewing the team wherever they sit in your retail operation, having one to ones and huddles to keep people informed and motivated, giving feedback and for the more enlightened even taking feedback. You might have had a few drinks over Christmas with the team and possibly had the results of the company 360º.

It may well be you are right, in which case congratulations, you are doing the one thing that elite sports teams have known for years but is largely side-stepped by business. Teams deliver because they understand each other, know the strengths and gaps that exist and work towards making the whole retail organization greater than any one individual (and yes that includes the boss). It’s this objective challenge and review that is so vital and yet so difficult to deliver. Looking in the mirror from a leadership perspective does not come easily to most people, (some of you will have reflected on this as you read it, others would have ignored the prompt!).

We often use MBTI analysis in our team build to add even further objectivity to the pot, to give some flash to the discussion and allow some of the areas needing attention to be recognised and planned for. Not always the most comfortable experience initially. Don’t come to us if you just want a nodding dog and a piss up with the team. We like to hold that mirror firmly and recognise the individual’s as well as the team’s impact. From there we can then start working on how we make the best of it. Helping build a Mission, Vision and Values that really mean something; to helping you construct a team’s rhythm that delivers the desired end result.

The other thing that we feel is a key ingredient in any team build is fun. We all learn more when we are relaxed and enjoying the process and it goes without saying that we only do fun team builds. If you want hyper-corporate, sit in an office staring at a PowerPoint type, please look elsewhere, there is plenty about, it’s not just us. If you want to take two or three days out to invest in the most dynamic way to build a team and create a plan for the forthcoming year(s) then we will be there like a shot. Inside, outside, UK or abroad we are more than happy to have a chat and get under the skin of the needs of the team. We have (obviously) taken feedback on the many team building activities we have delivered over the years and we are really proud to say we, and our retail clients, big and small, think they are epic. Could your team benefit?

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