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Premier Foods – the future of brands in the UK?

There is a lot in the press about the seeming mal-practice of Premier Foods in their demand from their suppliers for loyalty payments. There used to be a time when the manufacturers complained bitterly about the retailers negotiation tactics and the additional costs levied against new line introduction, promotional support, POS, additional space etc. It […]

Tis the season for points of differentiation.

Here at Retail Remedy we do tend to hark on about differentiation, normally when we are being bombarded by the normal pricing tussles between the grocery retailers. The Big 4 do have different offers, not just what they range but also how they range it, marketing messages, loyalty promotions etc. but it is normally the […]

Black Friday is a future sales opportunity

Like Halloween before it, the UK is embracing the US phenomenon that is Black Friday. There is some bickering about which US owned retailer first brought the event to the UK, but it is clear that once a retailer like john Lewis are on board it becomes a moot point. The reality, if you speak […]