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Range Transition – A basic skill not yet mastered

By Phil Dorrell, Managing Partner, Retail Remedy Having spent over 30 years in various different retail environments and another 6 years as a retail consultant I consider execution fundamental to keeping customers engaged and coming back. The sticky bit of retail is more often where the rubber meets the road than in the higher environs […]

Team Building in 2015

Yep, you probably think you are doing team building already; reviewing the team wherever they sit in your retail operation, having one to ones and huddles to keep people informed and motivated, giving feedback and for the more enlightened even taking feedback. You might have had a few drinks over Christmas with the team and […]

The Waiting Game

It looks as though the research was right. 8.5 million people said they would wait for the post-Christmas Sales before buying their Christmas gifts this year, according to a study by Capital one. And John Lewis has reported that last week’s sales were down 2.4% on the year, having brought forward sales into Black Friday. […]

What the M&S customer wants for Christmas

The Marks and Spencer customer, we are told, is a fashion conscious 50-something with her own income. Walking around a Marks and Spencer store however, doesn’t support that. The M&S target customer has given up shopping there, disappointed that what she finds isn’t for her, evidenced by the continuing downturn of womenswear sales. This Christmas […]